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Our shemale locators are more than happy to bring you all the newest info about the hottest shemale bars and the kinkiest ladyboy pick-up bars. Find out where can you hook up with a coy ladyboy Kathoey or meet the most beautiful Brazilian black shemales. Sink your teeth into the transsexual nightlife all around the world.

sexy ladyboys go crazy

The Silver Platter, LA

Has recently crowned as the best tranny bar by the "LA Weekly":
...tits and a dick are always on the menu at the Silver Platter, where he-shes punch the clock, working the block serving it up to lusty johns.
Every Friday night, exclusively for you, big-boned Nicaraguan hostess Nicole looks yearningly into your eyes as she entices you into a dark corner near the bar's entree. That's the Latina show. "Come", she licks her big red lips and roars through throaty pipes as her look flows south�

The Silver Platter
2700 W. 7th St.
L.A., CA

Thailand�s Best Ladyboy Bars


The Mecca of Ladyboy bars and one of the many Ladyboy GoGo bars in Nana Entertainment Plaza. Definitely a must go. Has a medium sized stage that swivels where they sometimes drag queen type shows. The place is packed with hot ladyboys of all sorts and sizes. The bar is stunning, has sexy Tgirls, usually there as a temporary stop before making their trip to the big op. You got that right, Obsession is a pre-op ONLY bar, and the best looking t-babes are there to start their career by financing it there. The music, however, is horrific, but it gives a merry Disco ambiance that only a tranny gogo bar can get away with. The girls are playful and not too pushy. They will happily flash their fortunes and a tip is not always needed. Photos are welcomed if properly done. Blowjobs inside the bar are not a problem, sometimes for free if you speak politely.
Recommendations: great to bring crazy friends with you for complimentary handjobs or blowjobs. Not for the shy newbie's.
Location: Top Floor - Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Jenin's Bar

Jenin's Bar is definitely the best place. It's in Pattaya though, so a bit of a drive to get there. The best night is Saturday, as the pretty chicks with dicks full are drunk and frigging horny. They will put on a show with their prettiest dresses to please those tranny hunters standing by. The bar is an outside bar so the t-girls are doing their show right on the top of the outdoor bar. Usually dressed in very provocative ways, they are the main attraction of the area (Marine Disco), as tourist couples will pose and take pics with them out of curiosity, usually with them flashing their tits or dick, depending on your type of ladyboys. The place doesn't start to live up to its reputation before 1am. The music is great, and the place has definitely a vibe. Watching the hot Thai ladyboys dancing in their terrific provocative outfits will make your head(s) turn.
Recommendations: A must do alone or with a couple of friends. Being totally smashed is a must as everyone is.
Location: Pattaya, Marine Disco

King Castle

TThis place is for the real hardcore, for those who are looking for something different. Although the outside looks like another regular boring gogo bar, inside it's a different story. The Music is hip, very aggressive, and some of the trannies are look amazing, though a bit too pushy sometimes. The secret to this place is to come completely hammered around 10pm, when it's getting full, and find a crowded seat next to the horde of coy ladyboys buzzing around.
Recommendations:Great place for taking newbie's or Ladyboy hunters.
Location: Patpong

King's Corner

TA classic gogo bar. One of the oldest in Patpong. The place is always packed and it's a mix of Ladyboys and hot Thai babes. The real show in the bar is not the heshes but the customers. Most are Chinese or Japanese tourists that got lost or dragged into this place. The funny thing is that they seem totally clueless about what is going on there. 80% of the best looking shemales are guys and they all seem to be fighting for the attention of those clueless tourists. The best part is when the Chinese or Japanese tourist gets completely smashed and is kissing madly with a man, usually uncut, and thinks he picked the reward of the night.
Location: Patpong

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