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Flirt4Free Review - Look into This Shemale Sex Chat Community

Let me help you evaluate and its shemale sex chat rooms. I have looked inside this small transsexual webcam arena and was actually surprised for the best. In spite of its relative smallness, Flirt4Free succeeds in offering excellent choices and impressively advanced chatting features. Users that will forgive the limited number of choices can truly have a spectacular time with the live shemales online, especially since all new members get a treat of 120 free credits. Now I know you want to rush in and claim those freebees, but do yourself a favor and read this full review first. It will provide you with all the details you need to see what this adult cam site is all about and will give you a clear insight of its pros and cons.

The Flirt4Free Facts and Details

  • Number of Shemale Sex Cams: 280
  • Transsexual Chat Costs: Between $0.90 and $5.40 per minute
  • Special Features: Fan Clubs, Model Spotlight, Featured Shows Shows That Size is a Matter of Perspective

Let me state the obvious: ought to get more live shemales. 280 registered transgender babes is not good enough and the users of this well-made website deserve better. Now that this is out of the way, I need to clarify: This relatively small site manages to compensate for its relative smallness with carefully selected, sexy transsexual models that all look great and serve well above average live sex performances. This is an important example of how size is really a matter of perspective. While has no chance of competing with the adult webcam communities which offer thousands of online performers, it is still much better than some of the sites that have 50 or so Tgirls online. Why? Because here the 10-20 transsexuals you will meet are gorgeous and attentive, each and every one of them, and while the choice may be limited, you will still be choosing from the cream of the crop. You won't be disappointed by any of the live webcam sex shows that you'll end up watching here and each video chat will provide you with wanking fantasies for years.

As anyone who knows me will testify: I am a stingy SOB. I don't like to spend my cash, first of all because I don't have a lot of it and second, because I just can't bring myself to buy stuff for a higher price than I'd pay elsewhere. So, it's not a surprise that the cost plays an important part of my sheamle sex cam preference. Having said that, I am willing to pay a bit extra for something really good and is definitely worth a bit of extra. This is a premium videochat site, and while the prices here are not the lowest, they're still descent.

Private shemale sex shows will cost you between $3 and $6 per minute, which is a tad above average, but really only a tad. Semi-private chatting, which is like a group show, will cost you $3 per minute and multi-user shows cost between $1 and $12. How am I being so fucking exact, you ask? is one of the few adult webcam sites online that are honest enough to state the prices clearly and right off the bat. You won't even need to look for them for very long. Just click on the link that says "show rates" at the bottom and you will see the prices - in credits, and can do your own calculations.

If you'd like to take advantage of the Premium Tranny Chats, which offer superior streaming and are really quite exquisite, you will need to pay between $7 and $12 per minute. That's not cheap, buy my oh my, just wait until you see the quality of these live sex shows. I won't watch them every day for this price, but do yourself a favor and treat yourself once in awhile because these sessions are worth it.

Finally, users that are big on saving and don't have sharing issues, can enjoy the spy mode for $1 to $3 per minute. That's very cheap, but of course - you can't tell the busty transsexuals what you want them to do.

Pay for Tranny Porn Chats and Get Free Credits

There is nothing the stingy SOBs like more than getting freebees and the 120 free credits on certainly go a long way in determining my positive view of this shemale webcam hub. These credits are given to you as a welcoming gift, kind of like a housewarming, only it's really a tranny-cock-warming and all you need to do in order to get this present is to sign up for free. In fact, you don't even need to purchase extra credits to get the 120 free ones, but since 12 minutes are not really a long time in private chat, I suggest you stock up on some extra funds. No one wants to be left there with an empty wallet and a ready to ejaculate penis. I am just saying.

Credits on

There are all kinds of credit packages available on Once you purchase credit once, you will see much bigger packages, ranging all the way up to 2,400 credits for $239.99. I will list the 3 basic packages, which you will see as soon as you register, but keep in mind: You only get the 120 free credits once, not every time you make a purchase. If you ever have trouble calculating the cost per minute based on credits, let me give you a hint: Just drop the zero from the price in credits and lo and behold: What's left is the price is dollars.

  • 120 Free Credits (on your first purchase only) - $0.00
  • 300 Credits - $29.99
  • 600 Credits- $59.99

Choose Your Membership

On there are really only 2 types of memberships and I will discuss their details quickly. Pick the one that works for you and if you can't decide, just remember: You can always upgrade later or cancel your upgrade the next month, if you don't find it worthwhile.

  • Basic Membership - This membership is more than enough for most of the adult webcam users that I know. It allows you to chat with the live shemales both on the free chat rooms and the paid ones and to enjoy all types of XXX sex shows. You can watch the themed transsexual shows, for a price, and get to use all of the site's features, which in this case are many. All in all this is a great membership for folks that log on once in awhile and that are mainly interested in watching tranny porn shows, and not in interacting further with the live performers.
  • VIP Membership - Upgrading to VIP costs quite a bit, so you do want to consider it. The price is 39.95 per 30 days, which is really not cheap, but of course, many users will more than cover the cost because of the added freebees and savings. The VIP benefits include unlimited access to all of your own recorded shemale sex shows, full access to free VODs (and the site uploads over 100 new ones every single day) and of course, you get to enjoy all featured shows free of charge. VIP users also enjoy a larger video preview, are allowed to turn off free users on chats, get free tranny pics and are allowed to email the trannies with attachments. I think I know what kind of attachments you'll be sending, but let's not talk about it because it's not really something that I would like to envision. There are a few more benefits, but these are the most important ones. Oh yea, you also get more attention from the live shemales, but this kind of goes without saying.

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